Dawn Mattice, LMFT

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About Dawn Mattice, LMFT
I believe the magic of therapy happens in not just the technique used but in the therapeutic relationship.  I use a variety of techniques familiar to most who have had any experience in a therapy setting (cognitive behavioral, solution focused, strength based, supportive, emotionally focused).  Equally important is the development of a trusting, honest, and sincere therapeutic relationship that works toward a goal and practice of skills outside of the therapy office.    

"My Why"
I grew up in a middle class family that looked pretty good from the outside, but was quite dysfunctional behind closed doors.   

After taking a psychology class in high school, and earning my Psychology degree, I went on to graduate school to specialize in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I liked the idea of working with couples to build a stable foundation on which to build a family. 

In graduate school, I finally acknowledged that I was a survivor of abuse.  I have been in counseling in the past and continue on this journey today through maintaining priorities, balancing self care with a passionate relationship, and constantly reminding myself to slow down.  

In the beginning, like most therapists, I wanted to feel important and to solve whatever "problem" was presented to me.  Now, I want to help people to feel heard, to have their experience accepted and respected (no matter how similar or different it might be from my own), to instill hope that they can move toward having the life they have always wanted, and finally to create that by living consciously- today. 
Making a difference in relationships.
Welcome and thank you for your interest in my services.  
Let me tell you a bit about myself and my therapy style.  I worked for 14 years at a large mental health clinic.  I then rented space briefly from a smaller practice in the Corning Area before deciding to take a leap of faith and open my first home based office in 2015.