Dawn Mattice, LMFT

  • Individual therapy for Adolescents, Teens, & Adults​
  • Relationship Therapy for Couples
  • Family Therapy, including children of all ages                                                                 

Therapy Services
I currently accept Fidelis and United Healthcare (including 5 free EAP sessions through approved UHC plans) insurances only.  I accept out of pocket payments from those who do not use these insurance providers, my hourly fee is $65.  Payments can be cash, credit/debit/HSA card, or check made out to "Dawn Mattice."
I do not accept Empire or Blue Cross Blue Shield insurances.

I offer a variety of therapy services including:
I especially enjoy working with couples, teens, and survivors of trauma.  

Over the years, I have helped couples reconnect, communicate better, prioritize, address sexual issues, and break cycles of conflict and violence.  I am often seen as a non-judgmental third party for couples.  I am always honored when a couple allows me to see them at their best and their worst.  

I know many therapists dislike "difficult teens".  I enjoy them, because I was a difficult teen.  There are the occasional cases where a teen refuses to talk, but most often I am able to get them to open up over time.  I am open minded, approachable, and am interested in what they have to say.  I accept them as they are today.  

Finally, I love and am moved by survivors of any kind of trauma.  Most often, they are the brave faces you see everyday, who tell few about the battle inside.  I help survivors to tell their story and to learn that it is ok to stop pretending to be fine.  I help to enhance their current coping skills and self care routines, while exploring how to be more authentic and vulnerable with their loved ones.  

Although I am unable to prescribe medication, I am able to provide coping skills for those struggling with: anxiety/panic, depression, PTSD, Bi Polar symptoms, stress and anger.  I use a holistic approach when working with individuals and families, seeking to improve health in as many areas as possible with a down to earth, nonjudgmental, and approachable attitude.  

If you have any questions concerning services, insurance, or pricing, please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.