Dawn Mattice, LMFT

This is the page to find out what is new and upcoming, but more importantly to find out what other client's are saying about my services and to provide feedback yourself.  
News and Reviews for Dawn Mattice, LMFT
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how (she) is doing.  The turn around is amazing...she has an A in EVERYTHING but one subject....You have no idea how happy I am for her.  Things seem to be falling into place for her....The whole family dynamic is soooo much better!  I just wanted to let you know all of these good things because you were instrumental in getting her to this point."

"Long story short, you are amazing.  I hope you know that.  The day I cried and called (for an appointment) changed my life.  I can not thank you enough for everything.  I really enjoyed working with you.  Thank you for listening and pointing me in the right direction."  
Reviews and Feedback
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